Lavender Tower

LOL What?

Cofagrigus and Galvantula were two of the most anticipated Pokemon to be revealed for Gen 5. Not because they were kept a secret, but because a couple commercials aired with the two of them visible only from behind, making their faces a complete mystery for a long time until the games came out.

Now that they have been revealed it they seem to be have merchandise for the two of them released very close together.

Both of them have four arms each, thus FOUR ARMED BROS.

Yamask and Cofagrigus


1/1 Scale Custom Plush by Me

Crocheted Custom Plush by Shortcakemiddy 

Crocheted Custom Plush by Kassia 

Pokedoll Style Plush by Me

Custom Shiny Strap Plush by VanilleB 

Banpresto UFO Catcher Plush 

TOMY Figure

BW2 Kid Figure

BW2 Clipping Figure 

Banpresto Keyholder Figure

Pokemon Center Fruit Snack Tin

Pan Sticker 

Custom Sculpture by Jade

Custom Shiny Sculpture by  Jade

Custom Dappermasu Sculpture by  Jade

Custom Pokedoll Sculpture by Jirachi_chan6 

Custom Phone Charm by Reilaa 

Custom Iron-on Patch by Holly

ACEO Artwork by Rayechu



Custom Plush by Saiyamewome 

Custom Plush by Tufails 

Custom Plush by Sexual-Pancake 

Custom Crocheted Plush by Kassia 

Custom Plush by VanilleB
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Custom Strap Plush by VanilleB 

BW2 Kid Figure 

BW1 Attacking Kid Figure 
Back is pretty and worth sharing


Custom Sculpture by Jade

Custom Shiny Sewing Sculpture by  Jade

Custom Pokedoll Sculpture by Jirachi_chan6 

Custom Charm by Reilaa

Custom Beadsprite by Kate

Pokecen Dot Promo Tin 

Pokemon Center Clearfile

Pokemon Center Promo Pocket 1

Pokemon Center Promo Pocket 2 

Cake (briefly) 

Joltik and Galvantula


Custom Strap Plush by VanilleB

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture by Mazy

Custom Painted Box by Kassia 


Custom Plush by VanilleB 

Pipe Cleaner Sculpture by Mazey 


BW2 Kid Figure 

BW1 Attacking Kid Figure 

BW1 Clipping Figure