Lavender Tower

My Wishlist

If you happen to have something that is not listed anywhere on my site that you think I might be interested in, feel free to leave me a message with a picture of the item and a price or a trade offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested.

I'm marking items on my wishlist by priorities, high, medium, and low. High means I really want it and assuming I can afford it, will get it. Medium is I do really want it, but if something else comes up I won't get it. Low priority items are ones that are generally common or I don't want as badly as other things.

I am interested in owning every item included in the following categories, if there is one that is not listed on any page of my website, please let me know:

Ghost Zukan Figures

Ghost Type Pokedolls

Grail Item(s)

AG2 Regirock Keshipoke

DX Wailord Pokedoll

Pokepark or Daisuki club, origin doesn't matter. Doesn't need to have hang tag.


Zero Settei (Villain from Movie 11)


Regirock Settei

Settei are production artwork photocopies that are used as references for the animators. Sometimes they can come in color, but usually are just lines. Some settei have blocked in shading, others are just the lines. There seem to be one shaded and one unshaded version for most settei. From what I've noticed if the character is prominent in an episode/movie it has different settei sheets, one with a standing pose front and back, then one with more dynamic poses or emotions.

 Not grails but extremely high wants:


Mismagius, Spiritomb, Dusknoir, Dusclops, Registeel or Regice Settei



 Halloween 2012 Joltik UFO Catcher Plush (To be released)- High

Hasbro Sableye- Medium 

 Gastly Kid- High

Clear Shuppet Kid- Low

Clear Banette Kid: This mold but with clear plastic- Low

Golurk Pose Figure- High

Golurk Keshipoke- High

Golett Metal Figure (Any color)- Medium 

Jirachi Movie Gachapon Dusclops Figure- Medium

Dot Promo Cofagrigus Pin 

Halloween Pikachu Pumpkin Plush- Medium

Gen 1 thru 4

ANYTHING with Regirock Pokedoll Art on it- VERY High

AG Regice Metal Figure (Any color)- High 

Wailord TOMY Figure- Medium

Registeel Pokedoll Metal Charm- High